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Our Vision, Values and Mission

“We at Nightingale Homecare share our mission, values and vision statements as a way of showcasing the principles that drive us in our pursuit of excellence in private in home care in Phoenix.”

Vision Statement

Our vision at Nightingale is to foster a deep understanding throughout our organization and in the communities we serve that what we do is “big.”  We envision an organization where people are changed by the gratification and humility that come when truly connecting with and caring for people during their most vulnerable times of need. This deep understanding will keep us grounded and engender the desire for excellence that we seek in each and every decision we make and interaction we have. Our commitment is for Nightingale to be a capable organization that is known for excellence and identified by customers as the home care and private duty agency of choice in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

Values Statement

  1. We are committed to integrity in all we do and endeavor to create and maintain a reputation for excellence among all of our customers.
  2. We are passionate about service and seek to empower the highest quality of life for our clients.
  3. We seek to develop among our staff members, the highest level of commitment to Nightingale through respectful interactions at all times, through care and attention to training and support, and through a strong sense of teamwork. We value friendliness and fun in our day to day work.
  4. We understand the importance of a strong financial base and endeavor to strike the right balance between fiscal prudence and compassionate service with great sensitivity to guiding those that we cannot serve to effective alternatives.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Nightingale Homecare is to maintain and exceed the established reputation we have by providing the top home care services for our patients, their families, our employees, physicians and referral sources by continuing to provide high quality, compassionate and genuine care in the community we serve.

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