Best Therapy Activities for Dementia Patients

There are many activities for dementia patients who receive in home care, that can help to deal with some of the more difficult symptoms of the disease, such as: restlessness, wandering, anger, and frustration. Many home care agencies offer dementia care in Scottsdale that may include training their care providers in guiding helpful, therapeutic activities.

Get Some Exercise on a Regular Basis

Being active can do wonders for a dementia patient. Walking and light exercise like stretching can be a wonderful addition to the dementia patient’s day, and as a result, improve the in home caregiver’s day as well! Some home care agencies incorporate this kind of training for their staff. They know how to make a bit of physical activity a fun activity, rather than a chore.

Music or Arts and Crafts

Music and crafts are another good therapeutic, interactive activity for those with in home care help. Focusing on a craft can improve attention span. Staff of home care agencies often have a variety of craft ideas. Playing or listening to music can also be a relaxing activity for dementia patients. With just a few questions, an in home care provider can find out what would appeal most to their patient, so they not only engage in these activities, but they truly enjoy doing them.  Ask a Nightingale Homecare representative about our Connections Program, and how our uniquely-trained clinicians and caregivers have been successful in redirecting the most challenging behaviors associated with Dementia with our “Life Story” all while we connect our patients to their favorite music, arts and activities!

The Great Outdoors

Research shows that being outdoors provides multiple benefits for a dementia patient, and those receiving in home care can allow enough flexibility in their schedule go outside often. It is recommended, no mater the weather, that dementia patients go outside with supervision to prevent wandering and exposure.  Temperature and weather conditions will often limit the length of time spent outdoors, but it is an invigorating experience for everyone.  Access to nature has shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Those who receive dementia care in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley and surrounding areas, are blessed with good weather most of the year and dementia patients in the Valley of the Sun are fortunate enough to have beautiful scenery right at their doorsteps. Staff members of home care agencies enjoy this activity as well. Care Managers should make sure going outside is not only an option, but that it’s made a priority.

Staff that work in dementia care in Scottsdale and surrounding Phoenix areas, for home care agencies recognize the importance of routine in the life of a dementia patient. Insomnia is a frequent complaint of dementia patients. Being outdoors can help regulate circadian rhythms. In home care providers can help the patient enjoy life, engage in fun activities that help them stay focused and happy, and to go outside regularly to walk, garden, or simply sit and absorb some Arizona vitamin D!

Nightingale Homecare is Arizona’s leader for dementia care in Phoenix, AZ by providing complete, compassionate dementia home care. Our dementia care plan, called Connections, provides gentle, creative, effective dementia home care for individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our dementia care plan is based on a keen understanding of how the disease process affects the brain and an understanding that the best way to reach the dementia sufferer is to enter their world. This is the nationally recognized approach as seen with the Alzheimer’s Whisperer®.

The staff members of Nightingale Homecare are qualified as Alzheimer’s Whisperers®. Caregivers, nurses, therapists, social workers and managers have all been trained in this unique approach by Dr. Verna Benner-Carson, a national expert in dementia home care. This training has led to highly-developed expertise throughout our agency in managing even the most challenging behaviors associated with a dementia diagnosis. Behaviors that Nightingale Homecare can help with include wandering, repetition, uncooperative behavior, sexual acting-out, bathing and dressing difficulties, eating difficulties, nutritional concerns, swallowing problems, sun-downing and others.  Contact us to find out more! Or give us a call: 24 hours 7 days a week, (602) 504-1555