Can Brain Exercise Prevent Dementia?

Love playing chess or taking on the newspaper crossword puzzle each week? You may be doing more than just upping your enjoyment factor; you may actually be keeping your brain healthy! According to recent studies, researchers believe activities that promote mental engagement such as games and puzzles, are linked with a decreased risk of a decline in cognitive skills and memory loss.

Can these so called “brain exercises” really ward off dementia?

While more research needs to be done, evidence has consistently shown a solid link between brain training and a lowered risk of rapid mental decline. One study published in 2010, found that sustaining mental activity throughout one’s life worked as a preventive measure to delay the onset of dementia.

How do “brain exercises” help?

Animal studies have shown that mental stimulation can support new nerve cell growth and can work to construct a reserve of brain cells and connections. Some experts also believe this kind of stimulus may decrease certain markers of Alzheimer’s disease such as plaque build-up and tangles.

While both high levels of education and mental stimulation can help delay the onset of dementia and provide a better quality of life, researchers stop short of saying that education or brain exercise are fail-safes against the development of dementia.

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