Driving Tips for Seniors with Low Vision

Phoenix home careThere’s nothing quite as freeing as getting behind the wheel and heading off wherever and whenever you’ve got the notion to go. For seniors, especially those with vision problems, the independence of driving can be inhibited, however, by conditions that increase safety risks.

The Phoenix home care professionals at Nightingale Homecare want to help keep your senior loved ones safe on the road with these tips:

  • Dim the brightness. For those with low vision problems in particular, bright sunlight can be overwhelming on the eyes. Sunglasses are a must, but not just any sunglasses. Opt for polarized brown or gray lenses, which are especially instrumental in blocking blue light and reducing glare. Forego transition lenses, which are darkened only by UV light, which is not transmitted through the car’s glass windshield.
  • Stop the glare. Nighttime driving adds a whole new dimension of glare, particularly when an approaching driver neglects to dim his or her bright headlights. Reduce nighttime glare by keeping the windshield – and eyeglasses – as free of dirt and smears as possible. Seniors with cataracts should avoid driving at night altogether.
  • Keep eyes hydrated. Dry eye is quite common among seniors and can cause a plethora of problems when driving. Dry eyes increase glare, and can be exacerbated by dry air from vents blowing towards the face. There’s also a normal tendency to decrease blinking when focusing on driving, which can increase dryness of the eyes. Seniors should be careful, however, in applying non-prescription eye drops to combat dry eye symptoms, which can cause blurriness for the first few minutes after application.

When it becomes unsafe for seniors to continue to drive due to vision or other issues of aging, there’s no reason to give up on the freedom of getting out and about! Nightingale Homecare offers a full range of transportation and accompaniment services, according to each of our senior clients’ schedules. From early birds who enjoy a morning stroll in the park and a stop at the coffee shop, to those who prefer a later evening dinner out and visits with friends, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

And for seniors who feel more comfortable staying at home, we can help with:

  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Running to the library to check out and return books, DVDs and other materials
  • Grocery shopping
  • Trips to purchase gifts for family and friends
  • Walking pets
  • And much more!

Give us a call at 602-504-1555 at your convenience and allow us to share more about how we can help make life easier and more enjoyable for seniors with our friendly, compassionate, Phoenix long-term care.