Falls Are the Hidden Danger Threatening Seniors

In the year 2010, injuries due to falls in older adults have cost the U.S. healthcare system $30 billion. With an aging population and an increase in life expectancy, the number of falls and the costs for treating injuries due to falls will increase. By 2020, the cost of fall related injuries is expected to reach $54.9 billion. To keep seniors safe and reduce the risk of a fall, Nightingale Home Care, a professional home care agency in Paradise Valley and the greater Phoenix metro area, should be considered.

Falls can and do happen frequently and unexpectedly. So, how big is the problem exactly? The following is a list of statistics:

  • One in three adults age 65 and older fall each year.
  • Of those who fall, 20 to 30 percent suffer injuries that make it hard for them to get around or live independently.
  • Falls are the leading cause of injury and death for those over age 65.

Seniors are significantly more prone to injuries, such as those from falls. In order to reduce the risk of injuries and make life easier, many enlist the help of Nightingale Homecare, offering caring and compassionate Paradise Valley home health care.

The following are common reasons that seniors find themselves victims of dangerous falls:

  • Osteoporosis. Many seniors have developed this condition due to changes in hormones, calcium and vitamin D deficiencies and a decrease in physical activity. Bones are much more prone to fractures and breaking, which means even the smallest of falls can create substantial injuries. Elderly homecare in Phoenix can provide specialized care for osteoporosis by ensuring that calcium and vitamin D are present in the diet and light exercise is regularly incorporated.
  • Impaired Vision. Cataracts and glaucoma effect depth perception, peripheral vision, visual acuteness and glare. When these conditions, elderly individuals are at risk of falls in their homes or while out at the store doing errands. A professional caretaker from an elderly homecare in Phoenix can help your loved one move about the house safely and accompany them on errands, such as running to the grocery store or pharmacy.
  • Medications.  When a person takes medications, side effects, such as a reduction in alertness, balance or blood pressure can occur. Seniors often are on multiple medications with many different side effects, which increases their risk of falling.
  • Environmental Hazards. Over one-third of injuries from falls are due to hazards in the home, such as poor lighting, slippery rugs or shaky furniture. A caregiver from a senior homecare in Scottsdale and the metro Phoenix area can arrange your loved one’s home in a way that is most safe for them to move about.

We all want a society where older adults can live safe, healthy and independent lives. While falls are a threat to the health and independence of older adults and can significantly limit their ability to remain self-sufficient, the opportunity to reduce falls among older adults has never been better. With Nightingale Homecare, your loved one will receive the best elderly homecare in Phoenix, which increases their safety and makes everyday tasks easier to complete.

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