Find a HomeCare Elite Top Agency When a Senior Needs Help Over the Holidays

Nursing homeAs the holidays move into full swing, it is a time of year when people call on each other more. Families gather together for holiday celebrations, neighbors stop by each other’s homes to bring good tidings, and everyone tends to reach out more than during other seasons.

However, because people are reaching out more, it’s also very common during the holiday season for visitors to discover that some things are not as they should be with the seniors they are calling on. It may be as simple as some additional (but harmless) forgetfulness, or it could be something more alarming and potentially dangerous, such as the stove being left on.

But, what if, while visiting with a senior you know, suspicions are raised about his or her ability to continue to live independently in a safe environment? It’s crucial to know how to find a quality care provider in your area. The home care agency you recommend or select should have staff that are employed, as well as fully screened and background checked. This helps to ensure safety and prevent seniors from encountering any dangers that can arise from poor quality care.

One way to determine the overall quality of a home care agency is to look for the HomeCare Elite top agency designation. Nightingale Homecare is pleased to announce being named a HomeCare Elite top agency for 2015. This designation is only awarded to the top 25% of all Medicare-certified home care agencies, and is judged based on quality outcomes, best practices, patient experience, and other important criteria.

As a HomeCare Elite agency, we at Nightingale strive to be a resource for our community, helping people better understand common aging and caregiving issues and find the tools they need to navigate the aging care journey. In that spirit, if you notice any of these telltale signs that home care may be worth considering for a senior you visit during this holiday season, it may be time to begin the process of investigating top quality home care options:

  • Hygiene:
    • Are clothes dirty or disheveled?
    • Are basic grooming tasks, such as bathing and brushing teeth, being neglected?
  • Home:
    • Is the state of the home more cluttered than on previous visits?
    • Is the lawn maintained properly, or has it become overgrown?
    • Has the quality of housework declined?
    • Have you noticed scorch marks on pots and pans that could indicate that food cooking on the stove was forgotten?
  • Overall health:
    • Has the older adult experienced weight loss, which might indicate malnutrition or a more serious concern?
    • Does his or her balance seem less stable?
    • Does he or she seem to have a marked decrease in energy?

To learn more about the services offered by Nightingale Homecare, or schedule a free in-home assessment for an older adult you know and love, contact us by calling 602-504-1555. Nightingale Homecare offers the top quality Phoenix home care services you can trust.