Get the Skinny on Senior Skin Health

senior skin careIt’s the largest organ in the body, weighing as much as 8 pounds, and it’s got an incredibly tough job: regulating our body’s temperature, protecting us from bacteria and other environmental dangers, and even activating vitamin D for us from the sun, among other functions. So it’s only natural that over time, such hard work results in the wear and tear of that precious commodity: our skin.

As we age, our skin loses some of its elasticity as it thins, cuts and bruises take longer to heal, and years of exposure to sunlight can cause drying and dark spots – and sometimes even skin cancer. Try some of these tips to help combat some of the most common skin disturbances experienced by seniors:

  • Dryness: While moisturizers and skin oils used daily can certainly be beneficial, avoid adding them to bath water to prevent the tub from becoming slippery. Instead, use mild soap for bathing, and warm water that isn’t too hot to the touch. A humidifier can also be beneficial to restore moisture to the air.
  • Wrinkles: At Nightingale Homecare, we equate wrinkles with wisdom, and suggest seniors embrace them! While there are many products on the market touting their ability to erase wrinkles, they can often cause unpleasant side effects, and most are ineffective at best. If wrinkles are truly worrisome, talking to a doctor or dermatologist is a safer alternative.
  • Spots: As with wrinkles, most age spots are harmless and simply indicative of skin that’s been exposed to the sun over the years. However, skin cancer can present similarly, so any spots that meet the “ABCDE” criteria should be brought to the attention of a doctor:
    • A: Asymmetry
    • B: Irregular borders
    • C: More than one color
    • D: Diameter greater than a pencil eraser
    • E: Evolving/changing

Nightingale Homecare’s premier Phoenix home care team can help in a variety of ways to keep seniors and their precious skin in top condition! Our caregivers are fully trained and experienced in proper bathing techniques, can transport seniors to doctors’ appointments and other medical procedures, pick up prescriptions and run errands, even prepare healthy, well-balanced meals – and clean up the dishes afterwards! And all of our care is always supervised by a registered nurse, who begins with creation of a personalized care plan, unique to each individual’s needs and wishes. You can reach us any time at 602-504-1555 and see for yourself how our Arizona senior care can improve quality of life for the seniors you love!