Glasses or Surgery: Which Is Better for Optimizing Vision in Seniors?

glasses or surgery
Learn whether glasses or surgery might be the better solution for a senior you love.

With one in three seniors experiencing some degree of vision changes or loss, it’s likely that the older adults in your life are already or will soon be in need of corrective lenses. And annual eye exams are a must to ensure optimal vision and early detection of any problems. But there may be another option worth exploring: LASIK surgery, which is becoming increasingly popular as an option to improve vision for older adults. Our senior care team has compiled some helpful information to assist you in determining which is right – glasses or surgery – for a senior you love.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery

A relatively simple, quick, and effective outpatient procedure, LASIK surgery is intended to correct vision at one distance (i.e., nearsightedness or farsightedness). Although typical age-related presbyopia (difficulty with seeing things up close because of the increased rigidity of the lens) cannot be corrected or prevented, LASIK monovision surgery can help. In this procedure, one eye is corrected for near vision while the other is corrected for distance.

In most cases, LASIK surgery is needed only once in a person’s lifetime. This is because the changes made to the cornea are permanent. There is always the option to repeat the procedure if presbyopia or another underlying condition progresses over time.

Is LASIK Recommended for Seniors?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology shares that individuals over age 50 are often great candidates for the procedure. There is no upper age limit for the procedure, although the following may disqualify an older adult from laser eye surgery:

  • Cataracts, keratoconus, dry eye syndrome, and other eye diseases
  • Autoimmune disorders, diabetes, or other chronic health problems
  • Untreated eye injuries or infections
  • Unstable vision – i.e., a prescription must be stable for one year or more prior to surgery
  • Certain prescribed medications with side effects that can cause complications
  • Smoking

If a senior family member is interested in exploring the possibility of giving up glasses for good, schedule a consultation with the eye doctor to discuss LASIK surgery.

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