How Exercise Can Help Seniors Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

As we age, our balance can become more of a problem. There are many reasons for this loss of stability including: weakness in our hips and thighs which make walking more difficult, losing the ability to properly lift our feet making us more prone to stumble and poor posture. Although many other factors can cause aging adults to have a decreased sense of balance, is is important for those patients experiencing balance problems or vertigo(dizziness). a thorough evaluation is necessary. Fall prevention in seniors is increasing in awareness especially in top rated homecare companies and in home nursing care in Phoenix.

Home healthcare workers now realize the importance of simple exercise training to improve seniors balance. This type of proprioception training used by many top rated homecare companies, demands improving your overall upper and lower body strength, while challenging each of your three “balance” systems. These systems include:

  • Visual cues: Our eyes relay all kinds of information to our brain to help us see and prepare for potential dangers and obstacles which could otherwise result in falls.
  • Internal spatial orientation: Our bodies are equipped with an inner sense of feedback that lets us know where our arms and legs are positioned in space.
  • The inner ear: A fluid-filled semicircular canal within the inner ear, gives us important information on the position of our head and its movement in space in relation to gravity.

When these systems function appropriately in combination with the musculoskeletal system, aging adults can stay independent, improve their balance and prevent falls. Click here for specific exercises to get you started. Remember, these exercises can be difficult in the beginning so make sure a support person, such as a home healthcare worker is with you while performing them.  For an individualized evaluation and exercise program specific to your special needs, call Nightingale for a Therapy evaluation and personalized home exercise program.

At Nightingale Homecare, a provider of elderly homecare in Phoenix, one of our primary goals is to help individuals regain independence, and prevent falls,  keeping them safe in their own homes. Nightingale has a specific program focused on fall prevention called PACES.  Our PACES program also provides for Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, for those balance issues that are more challenging.  Please give us a call (602) 504-1555 or contact us online to learn more about our in home nursing care in Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale.