How Nightingale’s Phoenix Home Care Helps Reduce Fall Risk for Seniors

Phoenix home careMost of us well remember the old emergency response commercial of the elderly woman who called out so plaintively, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” And perhaps in the back of our minds we solidified the stigma that aging and falling unavoidably go hand in hand. While it’s true that many seniors are at an increased risk of falling for a variety of reasons – frailty, medication side effects, vision loss – it’s also true that there are a number of steps that can be taken to greatly reduce fall risks.

Nightingale Homecare’s Phoenix caregivers urge seniors and those who care for them to be mindful of the following fall risks, and take steps to remedy them to keep seniors safe and steady on their feet:

  • Weakened muscles. Perhaps the greatest likelihood of falls for seniors comes from reduced muscle strength. Strengthening and endurance exercises should be added to the senior’s daily routine, according to his or her abilities and physician approval.
  • Compromised balance. Poor balance can result from a number of medical conditions and medication side effects, and may be exacerbated by increased inactivity. Simple balance activities (again, approved by the physician) can help older adults improve balance and reduce fall risks.
  • Vision problems. Reduced vision from cataracts, glaucoma, or even just poor lighting contributes to a number of falls in seniors. Addressing vision problems with the ophthalmologist if possible and enhancing lighting in the home can help reduce fall risk.
  • Inadequate safety measures. From throw rugs to clutter on the floor to a lack of handrails and grab bars in fall-prone areas like the bathroom, a lack of attention to appropriate home safety can result in tragedy. A professional home care agency, such as Nightingale Homecare, can perform a home safety inspection and recommend simple home modifications to keep seniors safe.

At Nightingale Homecare, we’re committed to helping seniors stay active while remaining safe from falls. Our fully trained Phoenix caregivers would love to meet with you and your senior loved one to provide a free in-home assessment and to offer assistance on enhancing quality of life and independence while maintaining optimum safety.

We provide a fully encompassing range of Phoenix home health care services for seniors through our team of professional nurses, medical social workers, dietitians, occupational/physical/speech therapists, and home health aides – ensuring that the individual needs of each senior client are covered both for today and as needs change in the future. And, our Paces Fall Prevention Program places a concerted focus on further reducing fall risk in seniors.

If you’re looking for Phoenix caregivers in the nearby area, we welcome you to contact us at 602-504-1555 any time to learn more about how we can partner with you to make sure the beloved seniors in your life are safe, happy, and thriving!