How To Explain the Complexities of Dementia/Alzheimer’s to Children and Other Family Members

There’s no doubt that dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are difficult conditions for not only the patient who is diagnosed, but for the family as well. While we are fortunate to have excellent home care options in Arizona, and dementia care in Phoenix is particularly good, the disease is stressful to family members. At some point, life-altering family discussions are inevitable. Home care agencies find that open and regular communication among family members living with a loved one who is receiving dementia care in Phoenix, or anywhere, is essential to coping with this  loss .

Clear Communication with Children

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can be especially confusing to children, who suddenly see their loved one doing unfamiliar behaviors. If children are too young for a scientific explanation of the condition, relate the behavior to something familiar, like the two year old next door. Home care agencies in Arizona and elsewhere understand the importance of routine in a dementia patient’s life. Include children involved int the patient;s life  in this routine, when possible. Giving the child a small tasks to do where they can connect and involve the elder helps everyone stay connected. If your loved one has dementia care from a home care agency, ask the care provider how best to explain and involve the chidl. Those receiving care for dementia in Phoenix can find outdoor activities enjoyable.  Taking your Phoenix dementia care patient to the park with the child can be a positive experience for everyone.

Children may not understand why things have changed with grandma or grandpa, but it’s more confusing and difficult if nobody talks to them about the changes. As long as the child knows that it’s not just them noticing the changes, and they are able to discuss these changes with a responsible adult, they have a much easier time coping. If they don’t have direction from their other adult family members, they’ll be confused and worry that it’s a fault of theirs that their older family member is acting differently. Remind them that their adult family member with memory loss, the same person, just a bit changed.  Find out from Nightingale Homecare and our Connections program how little family members can connect and learn more!

With older family members don’t be afraid to talk about it. Be realistic about the progressive nature of the disease. Alzheimer’s is a process, and the family’s understanding of dementia will be too. Talk to family members about all stages of the disease. Remember that the burden is not entirely on the family—home care in Arizona is a viable option with excellent home care agencies to choose from.

Nightingale Homecare is Arizona’s leader for dementia care in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding metro area, by providing complete, compassionate dementia home care. Our dementia care plan, called Connections, provides gentle, creative, effective dementia home care for individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our dementia care plan is based on a keen understanding of how the disease process affects the brain and an understanding that the best way to reach the dementia sufferer is to enter their world. This is the nationally recognized approach as seen with the Alzheimer’s Whisperer®. –

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