How to Help Seniors with Type 2 Diabetes Management

Phoenix diabetes home careDietary restrictions. Finger pricks. Multiple medications. Exercise regimens. Doctors’ appointments. Keeping all of the facets of diabetes management under control can become overwhelming for seniors and those who care for them!

If a beloved senior in your life struggles with type 2 diabetes, try these tips to help ensure optimum health:

  • Monitoring: Consistent tracking of glucose levels is crucial to keeping the disease under control. Check with the doctor to see if home glucose monitoring is an option.
  • Meals: Since different foods can cause dramatic effects on glucose levels, it’s important to carefully plan meals, and then stick to that plan.
  • Movement: While a physician-approved exercise program can help anyone improve their overall health, it’s particularly imperative for diabetics to keep moving, as exercise can also have an impact on glucose levels.
  • Medical: Different areas of the body can be affected by diabetes, such as the eyes, kidneys, teeth and gums. Annual eye exams and urine/blood tests to verify kidney health, along with twice yearly dental checkups, can keep diabetes-related issues throughout the body at bay.

Additionally, blood pressure and cholesterol levels need to be within appropriate ranges, as specified by the doctor. And annual flu shots are a must, along with a pneumonia vaccination for those over age 65.

While medical costs for diabetes care management can escalate quickly with all of these requirements, it’s helpful to note that Medicare helps with covering expenses for diabetes test kits and other supplies, medical exams, diabetic-specific footwear, and even meal planning. Visit or call them at 1-800-633-4227 to learn more.

Nightingale Homecare has been providing affordable Scottsdale, AZ home health care and care in the nearby areas for over 20 years, and can help your senior loved one better manage diabetes, or any other chronic condition, through our Pathlink Chronic Disease Management program, using nationally-recognized standards of care, including:

  • Patient self-management skills to promote sustained outcome improvement
  • Health literacy assessment and intervention tools
  • Technology for effective patient management and ongoing clinical oversight

We can also help with planning and preparing nutritious and delicious meals, providing transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments and procedures, picking up prescriptions and running errands, and overall providing a cheerful countenance to brighten the day with our fully trained and experienced, patient, and compassionate caregiving team. Contact us at 602-504-1555 to learn more and to get started.