Is In-Home Nursing an Alternative to Nursing Home Care?

home nursing careThe short answer is yes. Now, here’s the long answer. When it’s time to choose long-term care, you have a handful of options, including home nursing care or nursing care in one’s own home – also known as private duty nursing care. Both options provide medication reminders, attention to activities of daily living, and various levels of skilled services. And either option provides objective care so that family members are not taking on the complete role of caregiver.

With private duty home nursing care, individuals receive healthcare in their home, where they feel comfortable, surrounded by the personal things, and people they love. They can maintain their routine, keep their pets, go to the store, easily stay in contact with friends and neighbors, maintain their privacy, and their family feels at ease when visiting—all while receiving individualized one-on-one private health care.

Private duty nursing care also enables the caregiver to personally get to know their client, and because of this, the caregiver if often times more able to identify any subtle health changes. Private duty nursing care focuses on providing care to typically one person, or perhaps a couple, in the home, and clients are provided with a comprehensive plan and one-on-one monitoring. In a nursing home setting—with typically about 110 clients per facility—that level of care if difficult to attain due to the sheer volume of clients.

When selecting either a nursing home or private duty health care, it is important that you work with a home care agency you can trust. A private duty home care agency such as Nightingale Homecare assures that Registered Nurses are available around the clock to supervise all care. Nightingale Homecare’s team of highly trained nurses can provide high-tech complex medical treatments at home, such as intravenous fluids and pain management pumps, and provide the home with any necessary medical equipment.

Whatever option you choose, both nursing homes and nursing care at home agencies require out-of-pocket expenditures. If specific qualifications are met, Medicare may cover about 12 percent of private nursing home costs while Medicaid covers about 50 percent when a person is eligible, according to the National Care Planning Council. When it comes to private duty nursing care, some insurance companies pay for all or part of home health care services, but more commonly, clients pay for private care services directly.

If you live in the areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Maricopa County, AZ, reach out to Nightingale Homecare to discuss your specific needs and insurance coverage. With our team, top-notch care is provided by the health care professional for an individual’s needs, any time of the day or night—all from the comfort of our clients’ Phoenix-area homes.

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