Nightingale Homecare Helps Seniors See the World Differently After Vision Loss

vision lossOne of the greatest concerns for older adults is the potential loss of independence as they age. And when vision loss becomes a factor, through such conditions as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, or others, these worries are magnified. Loved ones are also impacted by the senior’s additional need for assistance when sight is compromised, and in determining the least restrictive lifestyle.

Nightingale Homecare wants to reassure families that vision loss does not have to equal a loss of freedom and quality of life! In fact, our Arizona home health care services actually enhance wellbeing and open up a whole new world of possibilities for seniors! These tips can help seniors and their families adapt to the changes brought about by vision loss:

  • Be informed. There are a number of resources available to educate on independent living skill enhancement, adaptive devices, mobility and orientation in different types of environments, and more. The senior’s eye doctor, your local state agency for the visually impaired, or national organizations such as the American Foundation for the Blind are great places to start.
  • Get involved. Participating in life skills training alongside your senior loved one provides benefits to both of you. Learn about ways to adapt the senior’s home to make it safer and more accessible, and then work together to implement those changes. Let the senior know that you’re in this together.
  • Seek out experts. Those experiencing vision loss may find some relief by consulting with a specialist in low vision, who can offer suggestions on how to utilize any remaining vision. A professional home health care agency, such as Nightingale Homecare, offering specialized care for those with vision loss can also serve as a lifeline by providing resources and hands-on assistance in the home.

With Nightingale’s nurse-guided care, seniors with vision loss and the families who provide care for them can rest assured that they’re in the most capable hands at all times. Just a few of the many ways we can improve quality of life for seniors at home include:

  • Transportation and accompaniment to medical appointments and procedures, to pick up prescriptions, and on fun outings
  • Preparing healthy and delicious meals
  • Maintaining home cleanliness and organization
  • Performing a safety assessment of the home to minimize fall risk
  • Engaging the senior in favorite activities, hobbies and pastimes, and introducing new ideas to spark the senior’s interest
  • Providing friendly, caring companionship
  • And much more

Give us a call at 602-504-1555 to let us know more about your senior loved one and to discuss how, together, we can make his or her life safer and more fulfilling.