Occupational Therapy Gets Seniors Up and About After Hip Replacement Surgery

phoenix elder careThere’s great news for octogenarians and even nonagenarians when it comes to healthy hips: hip replacement in older seniors is on the rise, and not only is it safe for those in reasonably good health, but is recommended by experts to reduce pain and restore mobility.

But what’s the best method of recovery following hip replacement surgery? More and more frequently, occupational therapy is being touted as the preferred means, allowing for not just physical healing, but psychological and emotional recovery as well, as occupational therapists share ingenious ways to quickly and safely get back to daily activities. The following are just a few of the many areas in which occupational therapists can assist with recovery from hip replacement surgery:

  • Sitting: Learning to sit properly during hip replacement recovery includes avoiding leaning forward or crossing the legs until the doctor approves of these movements. OTs provide instruction and suggestions on devices to maintain a safe, upright position while seated.
  • Walking: Using a walker, transferring with the walker from chair to bed or bath, and getting into and out of a car all require careful instruction and maneuvering in order to keep the hip aligned properly and avoid placing too much or too little weight on it.
  • Dressing: There are a variety of tools available that an OT can recommend and train seniors to use to make daily dressing easier, such as a sock aid to pull socks into place and a dressing stick to pull clothing on without bending.
  • Sleeping: OTs can teach proper sleeping positions and the best ways to get into and out of bed safely, as well as assist in obtaining, if necessary, the best type of bed to promote healing.
  • Living: Many daily tasks of life that were once so simple and taken for granted become challenging following hip replacement surgery. Occupational therapy teaches valuable skills to help make the transition back to daily life as safe as possible, such as sliding heavier objects across the counter rather than lifting them, using a reaching tool to pick up objects, and utilizing a basket or bag attached to a walker.

At Nightingale Homecare, we understand the value of occupational therapy in the lives of our clients recovering from hip replacement surgery, as well as a variety of other conditions. We employ a full staff of medical professionals, including occupational, physical and speech therapists, registered nurses, dieticians, home health aides and nursing assistants, ensuring the seniors in our care a complete in-home care solution. For the most comprehensive and highest quality Phoenix elder care, call on Nightingale Homecare at 602-504-1555.