Love Is in the Air! Show Some Love with These Senior Valentine’s Day Tips

senior Valentine’s Day tips
Try these creative senior Valentine’s Day tips to show an older loved one how much you care.

The store aisles are brimming with heart-shaped everything this time of year: cards, balloons, candy, and even pet toys. There’s something for everyone your heart touches, so be sure to include your older family members in celebrating this season of love! Seniors have been especially impacted by the loneliness and isolation brought about by the pandemic; if ever there was a time to go all out to make sure older adults know how much you love them, it’s now. These senior Valentine’s Day tips are a great place to start – and they’re easy enough to implement all through the year.

Serenade them with a love song. It doesn’t matter if you can’t carry a tune; pick up the phone or stop by in person and belt out your best rendition of their favorite love song (the sappier, the better!).

Send a sentimental card. The art of handwritten cards and notes seems to have gone by the wayside in favor of quick texts. Pick out a pretty card and put into words how much the person means to you.

Shower them with flowers. Fancy flower arrangements can be pricey, but picking out a few long-stemmed favorites from the florist with a couple sprigs of greens is just as lovely and meaningful.

Share a homecooked meal. And don’t forget a sweet treat for dessert! Just make sure what you’ve prepared is in accordance with any dietary restrictions the senior may be following.

Put together a love jar. Fill a jar with 52 things you love about the person, so they can pull one out each week for a quick pick-me-up.

Learn something new – together. Find a class or program based on something the senior especially enjoys, or has always wanted to try, and sign up to attend together.

Host a family movie night. Ask the senior for recommendations on the best movies ever, and get together to enjoy one with a few other close family members and friends. Take it a step further and designate a movie day each month!

Reminisce. Plan an afternoon to look through photo albums together or to create a scrapbook, inviting the older person to share stories about the people, places, and experiences and the memories the pictures invoke.

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