Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors from Your Arizona Home Health Care Experts

Spring cleaning tips for seniorsAh, is there anything better than an organized, sparkling clean home? Where the smell of lemon permeates every room, all dust bunnies have been evicted, and every surface is polished to a shine? For older adults, it’s not always easy to take care of the heavy tasks involved with spring cleaning, and years of accumulated keepsakes, photo albums, paperwork and more can quickly become overwhelming to try to organize.

One of the greatest gifts you can share with a senior loved one is the gift of your time, and planning a spring cleaning get-together can be a wonderful way to spend quality time together; not to mention the contented feeling you’ll leave behind when his or her home is in tip top shape. These spring cleaning tips for seniors can help:

  • Make it a team effort. The more, the merrier, and many hands will make the job go all the faster so you can enjoy some relaxing time together after the work’s done! Remember to include the senior in whatever tasks he or she is interested in or able to do to ensure the senior feels engaged and useful.
  • Think safety. As you’re reorganizing, keep the senior’s safety at the forefront of your mind. Some ideas include:
    • Clearing any clutter and removing any other potential tripping hazards from walking paths in the home
    • Rearranging cabinets and drawers so that the most commonly used items are within easy reach
    • Replacing any burned out or dim light bulbs
    • Discarding any expired foods
  • Assess the full environment. Pay attention as you’re cleaning to anything that might seem out of the ordinary according to the level of cleanliness and organization the senior has been accustomed to. Changes in the cleanliness of the home or of the senior himself/herself can be signs that it’s time to consider assistance from a professional in-home caregiver, such as those at Nightingale Homecare.

For more spring cleaning tips for seniors, and for some hands-on assistance with cleaning, organizing, or other in-home care needs, contact Nightingale Homecare. Our Arizona home health care team is on hand to help seniors remain safe and thriving at home with our personalized senior care services. Whether the need is for just a few hours each week, or around-the-clock 24-hour care, we’re here to help! Contact us at 602-504-1555 to learn more or to schedule a free in-home assessment to help improve the wellbeing of your senior loved one.