Supporting Your Senior Loved One to Age Safely at Home Health Connections: Maintaining Quality of Life

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Health Connections: Maintaining Quality of Life

Life gets busy – no doubt about it. Balancing the needs of work, children, volunteer commitments, maintaining a home, friends…the list goes on and on, and at the end of the day, unfortunately, those who get the short end of the stick tend to be our senior loved ones. Even with the best of intentions, it can be hard to carve out enough quality time to devote to those who need it the most.

In this, our sixth in a seven-part blog series from the Registered Nurses at Nightingale Homecare, we encourage you to consider the benefits seniors receive from simple, one-on-one interaction with their loved ones. Not only is connection with family, friends and the community critical to their wellbeing, maintaining healthy connections promotes activity and helps to keep seniors connected to the past, while looking forward to the future. An older person living away from family or friends, who can no longer drive or has limited access to transportation may become isolated, lonely and at risk for malnutrition and depression.

A particularly challenging combination is when health care needs increase at the same time that fear of losing independence drives the senior to resist offers of help. It is important to have a plan before this occurs, including developing a good understanding of what resources are available to help. The senior should be involved in this planning.

Family members assigned to research options should make contact with an experienced home care/private duty agency to discuss options in advance. The services available are varied and can range from accompanying a senior to favorite activities on a regular basis to providing care at home following an illness or injury.  Sometimes, complex care is required, such as following an extended hospital stay or even at end of life. It is important to work with an agency that can meet a variety of possible needs, including doctor-ordered home health care and supportive care.

The lives of seniors can be tremendously enriched in as little as an hour or two once a week, simply sharing a cup of tea and conversation, playing a board or card game, or enjoying a movie together. Your gift of time shows your loved one he or she is valued, treasured, and needed.

Our goal at Nightingale Homecare is to provide the guidance and care necessary for your loved one to remain safe and independent at home, and to allow him or her to experience the compassionate friendship that enhances his or her wellbeing. For more information contact us or call us 602-504-1555.

Look for our next blog in this series on Outside Support: Customized and Experienced and experience success with helping your loved one age in place at home!