Help Encourage Senior Activity and Engagement at Every Age During Older Americans Month

Surprise home health care
Our Surprise home health care team helps seniors stay active and engaged.

As the saying goes, age is just a number! With an active mind and lifestyle, purpose and meaning, and a positive attitude, many older adults continue to feel vibrant and engaged well into their later years. The key for caregivers, such as those at Nightingale’s Surprise home health care agency, is to foster as much independence and activity as possible to allow seniors to thrive.
In honor of Older Americans Month, we offer the following tips to help boost senior activity and engagement for your loved ones:

  • Foster self-worth. We all need to feel needed, and there are a variety of ways that older adults can continue to make a difference in the world around them. Help your senior loved one explore volunteer opportunities in the community that he or she is especially passionate about – reading to kids at a local school or children’s hospital, spending time visiting with the animals at a rescue facility, collecting hygiene and other needed items for veterans or the homeless – the ideas are limitless!
  • Ensure dependable transportation is available. Many seniors give up the car keys and rely on others to take them where they need to go. And often, that leaves seniors feeling as though they don’t want to impose on others, therefore cutting back on getting out and about. Arrange for transportation to be available at the senior’s disposal; professional care providers, such as Nightingale Homecare’s Surprise home health care aides, are on hand according to each individual’s requested schedule and routine.
  • Stay active together! It’s always much more fun to exercise with a companion. Sign up with your senior loved one for a yoga or water aerobics class, set a regular time each day to take a walk together, etc. Not only will it allow the older adult (and you!) to remain physically fit, but will provide ample opportunities for socialization enhancement as well.
  • Find a furry friend. The benefits of pets to seniors are numerous, shown to improve both mental and physical health, providing a sense of purpose and a friendly companion who is always available to keep an older adult company. It’s never a good idea, however, to “spring” a pet of your own choosing on someone; instead, if your loved one is open to the idea, visit a local animal shelter or pet store together and let the senior choose the perfect pet.

The Surprise home health care team at Nightingale Homecare can help implement all of these suggestions and more to help older adults remain active and engaged in the world around them. We love nothing more than helping seniors enjoy life to the fullest, and can provide transportation and accompaniment to exercise classes and other fun outings, companionship to alleviate loneliness and enjoy activities together, as well as a full range of both non-medical and skilled nursing and therapy services in the comfort of home. Contact us at (602) 504-1555 to learn more ways we can help improve quality of life for your senior loved ones.