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Fostering Freedom: How to Help Seniors Stay Independent Throughout Aging

Sun City home health care

Discover how to help seniors stay independent and safe.

It’s a common struggle among family caregivers: deciding when to step in and help, and when to step back and allow an older loved one to accomplish as much as possible independently. It requires a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, we need to ensure safety is never compromised; yet on the other hand, we never want to do anything to damage a senior’s self-worth and self-esteem.

So the question becomes, how can we help seniors stay independent, while ensuring safety? The Sun City home health care experts at Nightingale Homecare have several key recommendations:

  1. Remember: You’re a team! Changing the mindset from working for a senior to working with a senior can make a world of difference in your approach. Talk with the older adult in an open and honest way about the challenges and concerns he or she is facing, and how you can best provide needed support. Naturally, these needs will change over time; and when cognitive issues come into play, communication strategies will need to be modified as well. But we all appreciate being asked for our input, and to know that value is placed on our feelings.
  2. Allow time before jumping in to help seniors. It may seem more efficient to take care of tasks yourself, but doing so may be at the expense of your loved one’s self-image. Instead, factor in plenty of extra time for tasks, allowing the senior ample opportunities to tackle them independently whenever possible.
  3. Focus on the senior’s strengths. If certain tasks prove to be too challenging for your loved one, shift the focus to those he or she is able to manage more easily. For instance, if preparing an entire meal is too difficult, ask the senior to manage creating her special dessert recipe while you work on the main course.
  4. Remind the senior that helpful workarounds are a positive. A senior may balk at the idea of using a walker or wheelchair initially, or in having grab bars installed in the bathroom. And many times older adults are resistant to the idea of needing someone to help with everyday activities that they’ve been managing their entire lives. Providing a reminder that assistance and home modifications are empowering, allowing the senior to accomplish more independently and to remain in the comfort of home throughout aging, can be beneficial.

At Nightingale Homecare, it’s our mission to deliver the highest quality in-home care help for seniors with the respect and dignity that allow for maximum independence and autonomy at all times. Never coming in and taking over, we work together with seniors and their families to develop a plan of care that addresses all needs – including those for personal freedom. Contact our Sun City home health care team at (602) 504-1555 to request a free in-home consultation and discover how we can improve life for a senior you love.

Medicare Home Health Services and Patient Choice

After a lengthy hospital or rehabilitation  facility stay, family members and their aging loved one may find it difficult to proactively take the “next step” of choosing the proper post-acute service provider for their  home care needs. If this happens to be the dilemma you face, facility case managers or discharge planners with helpful recommendations may provide welcome direction. However, some patients are finding that they are not assisted on making an informed choice on post-acute home care and instead, facility representatives are making the choice for them.

In this blog post, Nightingale Homecare offers a few highlights on the patient’s right to chose an elderly caregiver agency in and around Glendale, AZ. Home health care in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Paradise Valley and beyond is based on standards of practice for case management.

All patients have the right to freedom of choice of providers for in home nursing care in the Phoenix Metro area and across the country. Discharge planners and/or case managers have legal and ethical obligations to honor this right.

Read more about government regulations in patient choice for home health care here.

There are a number of sources of this right as follows:

  • All patients have a common law right, based upon court decisions, to control the care provided to them, including who renders it. Thus, when patients, regardless of payor source or type of care, voluntarily express preferences for providers, their choices must be honored, as specified in the Medicare guidelines.
  • Federal statutes of the Medicare and Medicaid Programs guarantee Medicare beneficiaries and Medicaid recipients the right to freedom of choice of providers. When Medicare and Medicaid patients voluntarily express a preference for a home health agency, these choices must be honored.

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) requires hospitals to develop a list of home health agencies that meet the following criteria:

  • Are Medicare-certified;
  • Provide services in geographic areas where patients reside; and
  • Ask to be on the list.

Patients cannot make choices about the care they wish to receive unless they have information about all applicable services available, including skilled home health care and private medical and non-medical care. Discharge planners and facility case managers, therefore, have an ethical obligation to provide information about medical home health care, private medical/high tech care and non-medical care, to all patients who may benefit from them.

At Nightingale Homecare, a top-rated home care agency serving Glendale, AZ and the Phoenix metro area, we know the comfort and healing power that comes with being home when recovering from a hospitalization, long-term illness or surgery. That’s why our top-rated services include everything from non-medical private custodial care  to highly skilled medical care services.  Our services range from a brief visit to 24 hour around the clock care, all provided in the comfort of your own home.  Give Nightingale Homecare a call (602) 504-1555 or contact us online to learn more our caring staff is always available to assist you, 24 hours, 365 days a year, including holidays.



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Serving Others When Home Bound

For seniors who were quite active outside the home, suddenly finding themselves homebound can seem like a cruel prison sentence. Without their normal routine and hobbies to look forward to, again adults can easily start to feel useless and slip into depression. But with a little creativeness on their part and some help from a family member or a caregiver of elderly home care, seniors can regain their sense of usefulness by serving others.

Nightingale Home Care, a provider of elderly home care in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area, offers these tips on how to help others while homebound.

If your aging loved one has a fondness for crafts or can knit, sew or crochet try these ideas:

  • Knit or crochet robes for hospital patients, nursing home patients, geriatric centers or the Red Cross.
  • Knit  slippers with non-skid pads for hospitals or nursing home patients

Not a seamstress extraordinaire? No worries, try a simple craft such as:

  • Making greeting cards by cutting pictures from magazines, journals, etc. and gluing them onto folded paper, rubber stamp messages inside and place in new envelopes. A set of cards can be gifted a local veterans hospital, whose patients could send them to friends and family.

Other social services can be performed from the home including:

  • A pen pal program with a class in a local school.
  • A reminiscence club where each senior records one page of memories a week,   written or recorded for their families.
  • Assisting major non-profit companies with regular bulk mailing. Some organizations will deliver the boxes to be sorted and labeled, and then collect them later.

If your aging loved one needs help to continue to volunteer, consider hiring private nurses or caregivers in Scottsdale or surrounding Phoenix area like those at Nightingale Home Care, to assist your senior with various projects and help them maintain their independence. Give Nightingale Home Care a call (602) 504-1555 or contact us online to learn more about elderly home care or private nursing in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley.

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10 Critical Factors to Look for When Choosing a Home Health Company

If your parent, grandparent or loved one has reached a stage where they are no longer able to care for themselves or could just use an extra hand in completing everyday activities, it may be time to look for in home nursing care in the area. When selecting elderly home care in the greater Phoenix area, it’s important that you are comfortable with the company and the staff as they will be responsible for the wellbeing of your loved one.

Ensure that the home care company:

  1. Has served in the metro Phoenix area for at least 15 years
  2. Is Licensed by the Department of Health Services and Medicare Certified
  3. Insures and bonds their employees
  4. Performs multiple layers and  national background checks on all staff
  5. Operates private duty under a Department of Health services state license and certification
  6. Provides on-going certified training on Dementia, Chronic Disease, elder care and chronic disease to their skilled & non-skilled staff
  7. Can provide a list of references consisting of: doctors, hospital discharge planners, other healthcare professionals, and present and former clients, who have experience with the agency
  8. Has a quality improvement program
  9. Has had few or no deficiencies on their last state survey
  10. Provides on going Case Management, a written care plan, and supervision by a Registered Nurse.

When selecting a home care company in the surrounding Phoenix area, you should make sure that they meet all of the above criteria to ensure that your parent, grandparent or loved one is receiving the very best care possible. High quality, Paradise Valley home care agency expertise will put you at ease knowing that compassionate staff members are providing the care and companionship that your loved one needs to increase independence and improve quality of life.

If you are interested in elderly home care, consider the services of the compassionate and professional staff at Nightingale Home Care. Our top-rated home care Phoenix, AZ agency has been providing medical and non-medical home care for nearly two decades. We care for our clients as we would expect our own families to be cared for, earning us an excellent reputation in our community. For more information on home care in the Phoenix metro area, please call home care Phoenix, AZ agency, Nightingale Home Care at (602) 504-1555 or contact us online today.

5 Signs Your Loved One Needs In-Home Care

As parents, grandparents or other loved ones grow older, they may enter a stage where it is necessary to receive additional help from an in home care Scottsdale professional. Often times, these elderly individuals are hesitant about addressing this issue, as they have lived their entire lives independently and may take great pride in that independence , making it difficult to  face the possibility of needing assistance with simple, everyday tasks. On top of that, they don’t want to be the cause of any worry or stress for their adult children, other family members or friends. For these reasons, it is important that you be on the lookout for signs, so you know the right time to provide your loved ones with a little extra attention from an agency specializing in elderly homecare in Scottsdale and the surrounding area.

If you notice any of the following signs in your parent or grandparent, it may be the time to consider home care suggests Scottsdale home care agency experts, Nightingale Home Care:

  • Physical Changes. Decline in physical health can increase the risk of your loved one falling or suffering other serious injury. Look for changes, such as difficulty walking, maintaining balance and unsteadiness. If your loved one appears to be in a frail condition, it can be dangerous for he or she to do even the simplest tasks, so in home nursing care in Scottsdale would be beneficial.


  • Inattention to Personal Hygiene. If you notice that your loved one is not as well kept as normal, this is a sign that he or she may benefit from elderly homecare in Scottsdale. Those individuals who neglect personal hygiene may have a strong body odor, unkempt or unclean hair, and obvious inattention to oral care or soiled clothing. While these elderly individuals would like to keep clean, it may have become too difficult to complete the daily tasks to do so. Having in home nursing care in Scottsdale ensures that your loved one can safely maintain a regular hygiene schedule, which improves his or her health and wellbeing.


  • Lack of Nourishment. Your friend or relative may have lost the ability to regularly prepare food at mealtimes due to lack of energy or other physical conditions. Getting to the grocery store weekly to purchase fresh, healthy foods can be a challenge, meaning the refrigerator and cupboards may not be stocked or there may be many items that have passed their expiration date. Not eating properly can lead to lack of nourishment and dehydration, which causes cognitive issues, depression and other health concerns. A Scottsdale homecare agency will provide your loved one with help grocery shopping and preparing meals as well as providing a companion to sit down with at mealtimes, which may make eating more appealing.


  • Inability to Manage Medications. Taking the prescribed dosage of medicine is essential to maintaining health, especially for elderly individuals, with chronic or on-going medical issues. Many times, people of older age are prescribed a number of different medications with different dosage schedules. Prescriptions and dosages can easily become mixed up, which can lead to missing or overdosing on medications. When this happens, severe health problems can occur. In home nursing care in Scottsdale ensures that your loved one stays on his or her prescribed medication schedule.


  • Lack in Household Upkeep. When visiting with your loved one, look for things, such as stacks of dirty dishes and laundry, overflowing trashcans and appliances that have been left turned on. If the living spaces are dirty and more cluttered than the person would normally allow, this is a sign that they need some extra help keeping up with the demands of managing a home. Home care in Scottsdale will make sure that your loved one lives in a space that is regularly cleaned and clutter free.

It may be difficult to determine whether or not your loved one needs in home nursing care in Scottsdale. If you notice any signs that your elderly relative or friend may be having a hard time completing daily activities, including those not listed above, it is definitely worth considering home care in Scottsdale. Not only will it make your loved one’s life a lot easier, it will also bring you peace of mind knowing they are being well taken care of. At Nightingale Home Care, providing in home care Scottsdale seniors need and deserve is what we do best. We provide only the highest quality in-home care to ensure that your loved one maintains independence and quality of life. Please call the Scottsdale home care agency today at (602) 504-1555 or contact us online for more information on in home nursing care in Scottsdale and other cities throughout the Valley.