The Top Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care at Home

Elderly Care Sun City

With the vast majority of older adults preferring to remain at home throughout aging, in-home senior care, such as companion care, help with personal care needs, meal preparation, transportation, and other non-medical services are invaluable. But what happens when a senior has medical needs that require skilled nursing care, such as a chronic condition like COPD, CHF, or diabetes? Or what about those who are recovering from a fall or surgical procedure? Is a nursing home or transitional care facility a necessity in those cases, or is it possible to receive skilled nursing care at home?

The Phoenix in-home care team at Nightingale Homecare is pleased to share that not only is this a possibility, but it’s been shown to reduce the risk of re-hospitalizations and enhance healing and overall health and wellbeing. Here are just a few of the additional benefits seniors can receive through the services of skilled nursing care at home:

  • One-on-One Care: Quality of care is greatly enhanced when a senior is cared for by his or her own personal nurse and/or home health aide, as opposed to the average ratio of 10 seniors per one caregiver in a nursing home. Changes in condition or any other concerns can be picked up on and addressed immediately without the need to wait until care staff are available.
  • Comfort: There’s no place like home, as the saying goes, and that’s especially true when recovering from an illness, injury or surgical procedure. Seniors can sleep better, eat healthier, and experience reduced stress and anxiety when in their own familiar surroundings and the assistance of skilled nursing care at home.
  • Independence and Freedom: The intangible benefits of being able to choose what and when to eat, where to sleep or relax, when to invite family and friends to visit, and even something as simple as whether to allow the family cat to curl up beside you are priceless in boosting a senior’s feelings of remaining in control of his or her life choices.

If you’d like to explore skilled nursing care at home for your senior loved one, Nightingale Homecare is on hand to help, with a full range of both skilled and non-medical in-home care services for seniors. Just a few of the many ways we can help, right in the comfort of home, include:

  • Medication management
  • Infusion services
  • Ventilator/respiratory services
  • Wound care
  • Blood draws
  • Chronic care management education
  • Tube feedings
  • Stoma care
  • Nursing evaluations
  • Specialized care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • And much more

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