Think You’re Cut Out for Providing Private Duty Senior Care? Take Our Quiz

Private duty home care staff are an important part of ensuring seniors have quality in-home care, and working for a top-rated homecare provider is a wonderful career path that leads to feelings of accomplishment and work satisfaction.  But, private nursing jobs can also be demanding and stressful. How do you know if you are the kind of person who could provide private medical care in Phoenix? Our quiz will help you decide if you should pursue a job in home care in Phoenix.

Are you flexible?

Flexibility is a very important part of all private nursing assignments. If you are looking to work for a top-rated homecare provider, you will need to expect a large variety in assignments. Home care in Phoenix can involve numerous clients in a given workday, and you may work with each client for anywhere from a few days to several years.  The time of day you work may also vary, depending upon the patients home care needs, and requests. You will also be asked to travel to different areas of the Phoenix Metro area.  Although your homecare agency will work diligently to keep you in your specified area of the Valley, depending upon client need, you may be asked to stretch your territory to outlying areas.

If you can be flexible, home care in Phoenix may be a good career choice!

Are you willing to keep working on your education and training?

If you want to work for a top-rated homecare provider, you will need to continually improve upon your education and skill. Private nursing jobs rely on staff to be professional and knowledgeable, so you will need to keep up with certifications like CPR.  You may also be asked to attend on-going staff education to learn about disease processes, new equipment and technology, and innovative ways to improve care for patients suffering from behavioral or learning challenges. These are just some of the areas homecare agencies require staff to maintain and grow their knowledge to ensure only the highest quality of homecare.

If you are someone interested in on-going training and education in order to keep your patients safe and ensured the best care, Home care could be just right for you!

Are you respectful, patient, kind, and levelheaded?

Probably the most important trait necessary when working with patients in their own homes is to remain respectful, patient and kind.  Private medical care in Phoenix brings with it many situations which require you to stay calm and patient, while thinking on your feet. During the course of your day, you will deal with numerous minor issues and requests that may disrupt your routine, and you may deal with more serious health-related emergencies from time to time. In any case, you will need to take charge, keep calm and remember your agencies protocol in dealing with all situations. If you are not sure of the policy or procedure with a given situation, you will need to reach your supervisor, whatever time of day or night. Always remember, while working in home care, you work independently, but there is always a team of dedicated, professional support staff just a phone call away.

If you are kind, patient and respectful of others while working well under pressure, consider private nursing jobs!

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