Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving with Older Loved Ones

HiResIt’s that beautiful time of year again when we take stock of our blessings and dedicate some time to simply being thankful. Regardless of age, topping each of our lists is family, and there’s nothing better than spending time together at Thanksgiving with those we love. However, in the midst of our Norman Rockwell aspirations, the reality is, family gatherings can also be times of extreme stress, and the difficulties can be compounded when trying to accommodate the particular needs of elderly loved ones.

For a peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday for the entire family, take note of these tips to help ensure the comfort of your matriarchs and patriarchs:

  • Watch the diet. Many seniors are faced with dietary restrictions – low sodium, low fat, glucose or sugar free, etc. Being aware of, and preparing in advance for plenty of options within those guidelines will avoid last-minute complications.
  • Be adaptive. If your elderly guests struggle with traditional dining implements, have some adaptive dinnerware on hand.
  • Eat early. Seniors often prefer an earlier meal, particularly if they’ll be traveling back home afterwards.
  • Plan seating arrangements. Take into consideration any physical limitations or restrictions of your senior guests. If extra room is needed, for example, for wheelchair access, a seat at the head of the table will allow for the most space and comfort.
  • Talk it up. Conversations with extended family during dinner are perhaps the best part of Thanksgiving, but be sure not to exclude the elderly in your excitement to catch up on all of the family news. Hearing and vision impairments, limited cognitive functioning and other disabilities create challenges, but it’s worth the extra effort to ensure that everyone is included.

At Nightingale Homecare, we’re thankful each and every day for the families who entrust the care of their senior loved ones to our experienced, dedicated Phoenix home care team! If visiting with your senior loved ones this holiday season brings to light the need for some additional care at home, we invite you to contact us at 602-504-1555 to learn more about the senior care services we provide.

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