Tips For Seniors Living With Diabetes Pt. 2

In Part 1 of our series on seniors living with type 2 diabetes, we discussed common symptoms of the disease. In today’s article, we’ll examine what goes into managing type 2 diabetes, and some tips for dealing with diabetes on a daily basis.

Not surprisingly, a diabetes diagnosis brings with it several new and regularly occurring commitments:

  • Taking new medications
  • Testing to treat and monitor blood sugar
  • Being alert to symptoms of low and high blood sugar and knowing how to treat them. Changing your diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Visiting your doctor regularly

If you live with diabetes, or provide care for someone who does, consider these tips to improve everyday life:

  • Experiment with new foods. We all have our favorites, but trying new and healthy foods, while following the diet plan is a simple way to handle diabetes.
  • Try new activities. Getting a bit of exercise every day is easy: swimming, walks in the park, and yoga are excellent low-impact options.
  • Get support from a friend, family member, or your home care professional in Phoenix. Remembering shots, treatments, and appointments can be challenging: team up with a loved one or a pro to ease the stress.
  • Research diabetes. Learn about the illness, new research findings, and discover how to self-manage the disease. Home care professionals can provide valuable support in helping newly diagnosed diabetics self-manage their disease.

Connect. It can be very helpful to share ups and downs with people going through similar struggles. Find a support group and don’t be afraid to join.  The American Diabetes Association is a great place to start!

While diabetes certainly alters the everyday life of a person living with a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and a late in life diagnosis can make it even more challenging, the disease  doesn’t have to overwhelm the senior. the . By understanding the practical, physical and financial impact of the disease, seniors can take control and commit to a better life. Nightingale Homecare can help: with  our chronic disease management program, PATHlink by providing  support in taking new medication, eating properly, and staying positive. With an emphasis on self-management, the home care professionals at Nightingale are committed to your loved one’s overall well-being. If you need home care, or have questions about Nightingale’s in home nursing care philosophies, contact us online or call us: (602) 504-1555.