To keep our clients and caregivers safe, we strictly follow public health guidelines related to COVID-19.

Emergency Notification

Look Here for Information

In the event of a disaster or emergency, clients, families and caregivers will be given information, direction and assistance here. Please check back for an emergency notification for seniors and further information on this page in the event of a natural disaster or other widespread emergency situation.

Nightingale Homecare’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of all of our clients and caregivers. Our management staff has an emergency preparedness plan in place that allows for as smooth a transition of patient services as possible and strives for continuity of care for all patients served by Nightingale Homecare.

What You Can Do at Home

A disaster can be man-made or nature-made, and can potentially disrupt the services you receive from Nightingale Homecare – and ,may also disrupt your ability to stay in your own home.

Nightingale Homecare is obligated by federal regulation to encourage you to develop a disaster plan with your family and/or friends. Since agency personnel may not be available to visit patients in their homes from the issuance of a disaster warning until conditions permit, it is imperative to be prepared before a disaster occurs.

Developing a disaster plan includes:

  • Creating an emergency kit that is marked in RED and checked at least every three months
  • Creating an evacuation plan
  • Having a family communication plan so that you are in contact with your loved ones
  • Keeping a list of what to bring with you if you have to evacuate, including medications and any medical equipment or supplies that you require

Maricopa County has developed a mobile app that helps its residents properly prepare and stay informed during and after a disaster. You will be able to create your family emergency plan and get a list of supplies in just under a minute. In addition, you will receive the latest updates and necessary information on evacuation routes, shelters, available emergency services and much more, should a disaster strike. For more information on the emergency notification for seniors, contact Nightingale Homecare, the best providers of elderly care Sun City and the surrounding areas depend on to keep loved ones safe.