Reasons to Select Us

Reasons to Select Nightingale for Home Care in the Phoenix Area

When choosing an agency to provide care in your home, there are a number of important items to consider. Since at-home senior care is not regulated in Arizona, there are many pitfalls that can result in unanticipated expenses or unsafe care.

Reasons to select Nightingale Homecare:

We Have Been Serving Patients in the Phoenix Area for Nearly 30 Years

Choosing an experienced Arizona home care company can make all the difference in quality of care and customer service. Nightingale Homecare has been in business in the Phoenix metropolitan area for nearly thirty years. We are locally owned and operated by a pharmacist and registered nurses.

RNs Will Assist to Determine How Much Care Is Needed and What Type of Care Is Safe and Appropriate

At Nightingale Homecare, only a nurse will initiate private care services. This practice assures that clients get a thorough evaluation of their physical, emotional and companionship needs, and that they and their families work together with the nurse to develop a custom-fit, safe care plan.

We Provide Nurse Supervision

Caregivers frequently run into situations where they need guidance from a nurse. These situations include figuring out what to do about a client’s health problem, deciding if care requested by a client or family member is safe and appropriate for their level of training, determining how to move or walk a client safely, and other situations.

Nightingale has a registered nurse on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, to address any concerns that arise.

We Provide Medical And Support Services

With Nightingale Homecare, you can rest assured that your care needs will be met. We offer both supportive and medical home care services, including the full array of therapists and other professionals that you might need under the home health care benefit offered by Medicare or other insurance. Nightingale Homecare will work with you to get services started under your long-term care insurance plan, if you have one, and offer a full array of services to provide continuity of care.

Our Employees Like Working For Us

Happy employees provide great care!  We were named one of the Top Places to Work in Arizona by Arizona Central in 2021 and 2022. This honor came as a result of our employee satisfaction survey that was measured against 160 Arizona companies.

We Help Keep Our Patients Out of the Hospital

At Nightingale Homecare, we understand how difficult it can be for an older adult to bounce back after a hospital stay. Because we are a medical company with around the clock nursing oversight provided to every one of our clients, we are uniquely suited to identify changes in health status at a very early stage. We train our caregivers to routinely take vital signs and observe for even the most subtle sign that something is wrong. Through Registered Nurse triaging, which is available around the clock, we are able to identify and act on changes at an early stage, BEFORE a hospital stay becomes necessary.

Our Care Providers Are W-2 Employees, Not Contracted or Registry Employees

When looking for care, it is critical to ask if you are speaking with a home care company or a caregiver registry. Registries connect senior caregivers with people needing care, but these caregivers are not employed by any agency. With this type of caregiver, it is the client, not the agency, that is responsible for overtime wages, payroll taxes, Social Security withholdings, unemployment coverage, worker’s compensation coverage and liability insurance. If you are told that the caregiver is self-employed, you may still be held responsible for these liabilities. Don’t become an accidental employer! Should you choose Nightingale Homecare, you can rest assured that you are working with not only top-rated caregivers, but also with an agency that covers its employees fully in all of these areas.

We Background Check and Competency Test Our Employees

When it comes to inviting caregivers into the home of an elderly, ill or otherwise vulnerable individual, the highest priority is assuring that the caregiver is qualified, caring, trustworthy, experienced, and safe. At Nightingale Homecare, we protect clients and their belongings. All of our professional and paraprofessional caregivers are rigorously background-checked, fingerprinted, tested for competency, insured and bonded. They must be in good health, have good references, and have a good driving record. They also must have experience caring for people and must complete ongoing education to stay employed by Nightingale.

We Have Written Policies Relating to Description of Services, Hours of Operation, Eligibility Requirements, Fees, Patient Rights, Confidentiality, Complaint Procedures, and Emergency Arrangements

A quality homecare company will protect its clients by operating according to clear policies and procedures and will communicate those policies and procedures to its clients. Nightingale Homecare provides a description of its policies regarding services, hours of operation, eligibility requirements, fees, patient rights, confidentiality, complaint procedures, and emergency arrangements to all clients.

Have more questions about our Arizona home care services? Contact Nightingale Homecare, a top-rated provider of home care in Phoenix, Sun City, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and throughout Metropolitan Phoenix.