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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program

Nightingale Homecare understands that the home is a place of comfort and healing and that most of the recovery from an orthopedic surgery, illness or injury happens at home. Through our Orthopedic Rehabilitation program, highly trained physical therapists and occupational therapists provide hands-on therapy in the unique environment of home.


  • Total or partial joint replacement or reconstruction
  • Fractures or other trauma
  • Spine or brain surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sports injuries

the difference

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program features:

  • Therapy needs and progress are discussed and coordinated with the physician/surgeon throughout the course of recovery.
  • A careful evaluation is conducted, using tests that allow therapists to measure progress over time
  • Safety and equipment needs are evaluated, to help prevent falls and allow faster and safer recovery
  • A special home exercise program is designed depending on each client’s unique situation. The plan is designed to restore movement, strengthen muscles and allow normal activities of daily life to resume as quickly as possible
  • Pain management is included in the therapy plan, to prevent uncontrolled pain from interfering with recovery
  • The therapy plan incorporates management of anticoagulation therapy as needed
  • Manual therapy is incorporated in the therapy plan. Manual therapy is where the therapist uses his or her hands to help restore movement. Techniques might include gentle stretching and bending, massage, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and other movements, based on client needs.

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