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Pathlink Chronic Disease Management

Patients with chronic illness often have complex care needs and chronic disease management plays a big part in providing help with these needs. Many of these patients lack the chronic disease self-management needed to follow their physician prescribed treatment regimens. The result is often a preventable hospitalization. By choosing our disease management program, you can help prevent the consequences of an improper care plan.


Chronic Disease Management

Nightingale’s Pathlink program for Chronic Disease Management uses nationally-recognized standards of care and evidence-based medicine to empower patients to get involved in their own health care management. Patients are assessed for health literacy and change motivation. Barriers to adopting chronic disease management recommendations are identified and patient-determined goals are formulated and used as a basis to motivate change. Tailored, chronic disease self-management interventions that are grounded in adult learning and motivational interviewing principles are then delivered, resulting in sustained behavior change, better outcomes and improved quality of life. Chronic disease management shouldn’t be a difficult task and our staff at Nightingale aim to keep it that way. Pathlink can improve outcomes and decrease re-hospitalizations for patients with a wide variety of chronic conditions.

Pathlink program features include:

  • Patient self-management skills to promote sustained outcome improvement
  • Integration of “High-touch” approach to provide frequent contact with those most at risk of re-hospitalization
  • Evidence based interventions built on adult learning principles
  • Health literacy assessment and intervention tools
  • Innovative strategies for working with non-adherent patients
  • Technology for effective patient management and ongoing clinical oversight


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Chronic Disease Management